Kim Club Rub photo by David Emery

Miss Olympia photo by David Emery

Miss Olympia photo by David Emery


Some designers specialise in classical interiors, Scandi living spaces or high end style full of taupe and beige and I, Amoria Bridle, choose to create a world full of diversity, luxury and sexuality through my approach to interior design and styling

I've spent my life influenced by interiors from luxury hotels to opulent antique parlours, always intoxicated by what surround me. 

I want people to love and be inspired by their bedrooms, playrooms and boudoirs; to give them a centre stage where they can express themselves. Passion is my oxygen and design world is my playground. 

Where Do i Come From? What am i? Where am i Going?

Having worked for many years in the heart of the interior design world, I have set my standards high. I strive for quality and uniqueness for all my clients regardless of brief or budget. 

I offer objects that adorn houses with desire, enjoyment and playfulness. Carefully sourced and curated by me, all the objects and curios I choose are very special to my heart and one of a kind or exclusive to my boutique

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