‘SWAKARA’ is based on the original indian ink artwork drawn from a vintage persian lamb fur. The structure of these organic textures invokes something mysterious, whilst translating cultural associations of opulence and luxury.

‘SWAKARA’ is available on contract grade cotton velvet. The soft texture of the Velvet mimicks the texture of the original fur, it complements the drawing and turns it back into something tactile.

The cotton velvet creates a real illusion of depth, a combination of the superior quality of the fabric as well as the printing.


MATERIAL: Cotton Velvet
COMPOSITION: 88% cotton, 12% polyester 
USAGE: Upholstery, Curtains, Soft Furnishings
RUB TEST (Martindale rating): 45’000+ rubs
WIDTH: 138cm
WEIGHT: 416 gsm

Sold by the metre.  Minimum order 1m.


Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Product made to order.

'SWAKARA' Persian Lamb Fur Drawing Fabric

  • Dry Clean only.

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